What’s the aim of the game?
Score as many fantasy points as you can over RWC Sevens 2018 men’s and women’s competitions, climb the leaderboard, win money-can’t-buy prizes.

Maximise your points-scoring potential by selecting key players ahead of tournaments and making up to seven in-play substitutions per live event.

How do I play Fantasy Rugby7Stars?
The Fantasy Rugby7Stars game is available for both the men’s and women’s RWC Sevens 2018 tournaments. You can play Fantasy Rugby7Stars during each competition.

Ahead of each tournament, you have the chance to select a fantasy team of sevens players. You can either use your skill and knowledge of rugby sevens players or take advantage of the Auto-fill option to help create a great team of sevens stars.

How do I score fantasy points?
Only the players in your fantasy team can score you fantasy points. For example: If you have a player in your Fantasy Team at the time when they score a try, you’ll be awarded 5 fantasy points.

Live substitutions
To maximise your team’s fantasy points-scoring ability, you can make up to SEVEN live substitutions during each tournament.

When do I need to submit my Fantasy Rugby7Stars team by?
The deadline for submitting your Fantasy Rugby7Stars team in advance of each Round is defined by the countdown clock on the Sevens Series website. When the clock reaches 00:00:00 this signifies the kick off time of the first day of each tournament. If a team is submitted or a player changed after the kick off of each tournament then the submission will be classified as a live substitution.

What are fantasy points awarded for?



Played in a game

2 points

Yellow card

-7 points

Red card

-15 points


5 points


3 points


2 points

Drop Goal

3 points


1 point


1 point


2 points


2 points

Tackles (10 or more in a single game)

5 point bonus


How many players are there to choose from?
The game contains every registered player from the 15 core teams featuring in the RWC Sevens men’s competition 2017/18 and the 11 core teams featuring in the RWC Sevens women’s competition 2017/18.

What prizes are on offer, and how can I win them?
There is an incredible grand prize to be won by the top ranked player of the MEN’S AND WOMEN'S SERIES OVERALL leaderboard.

In addition there are prizes awarded to the top ranked player of the WOMEN’S SERIES OVERALL leaderboard and the MEN’S SERIES OVERALL leaderboard of the Fantasy Rugby7Stars Game.

Prizes will also be awarded to the top ranked player of the OVERALL leaderboards at the end of each Round of the RWC Sevens men’s competition and the RWC Sevens women’s competition.

In case of a tie between 2 or more players, the winner(s) will be randomly selected.

For a detailed breakdown of the prizes, please read the Terms and Conditions