What’s the aim of the game?
Predict the results and margin of victory for every game in the RWC Sevens 2018 tournament to score points and top the league table. The Capgemini artificial intelligence BOT assesses the historical data relating to the team heads-to-heads to predict the outcome. Do you think you can you do better? There are no prizes on this occasion, just the fun and pride of ‘Beating the Bot!

How do I play the Match Predictor?
The Match Predictor game is available for both the men’s and women’s RWC Sevens 2018 tournaments. You can participate in one or both games competing in the leagues based on the team you support and your age range. 

How do I score points?
For every game you predict the score and the winning margin, you could potentially score points

  • 5 points for selecting the correct winner for a given game
  • 20 points for guessing the score correctly
  • Then additional points for getting close to the score margin
    • 1 point away from exact score = 10 points
    • 2 points away from exact score = 9 points
    • 3 points away from exact score = 8 points
    • 4 points away from exact score = 7 points
    • 5 points away from exact score = 6 points
    • 6 points away from exact score = 5 points
    • 7 points away from exact score = 4 points
    • 8 points away from exact score = 3 points
    • 9 points away from exact score = 2 points
    • 10 points away from exact score = 1 point
  • Predict Tournament Winner: 50 points

The winners will be the person who tops the leaderboards with the most points at the end of the men’s and women’s RWC Sevens 2018 competitions.

When do I need to submit my predictions by?
The deadline for submitting your predictions for each game is 30 seconds in advance of each match kicking off as determined by the match schedule on the RWC Sevens website.

How many matches are there, and do I have to predict all of them
There are a total 84 games; 52 men’s matches and 32 women’s matches. The format of the tournament means that winners progress into one section of the draw and the teams that don’t win progress into the Bowl or Challenge. The line-ups are not known until previous rounds have been played. While we want you to have fun, its going to be a Marathon to predict all games so play as much or as little as you like. The fun is in beating the bot,  playing  against friends and enjoying the rugby!