Follow these top seven tips to get the best out of your day at RWC Sevens:

  1. Download the app for real time match updates, competitions, stats and live updates as well as the chance to win an RWC Sevens t-shirt if you are luck enough to be in AT&T Park via the augmented reality feature: CannonBalls
  2. Register for push notifications and we’ll send a message direct to your phone when you’re near a fan event or activity as well as keep those fans around the world updated of their teams fixtures and results
  3. If in USA, ,ake the most of your time in San Francisco by checking out our San Francisco Fan Guides
  4. Post your pictures on social media using #RWC7s and @worldrugby7s. We’ll share the best on the social hub
  5. Got a question about Rugby World Cup Sevens? What was the score from the last game? Where’s the merchandise shop? Talk to our Facebook BOT and get the answer right away. The BOT will be coming soon on Facebook and the website
  6. Want to know more about rugby and rugby sevens? View the online videos for detailed explanations on how to play the game
  7. Don’t forget your tickets!

Getting to and From AT&T Park


San Francisco is made up of 49 square miles of long boulevards, windy streets and lots of hills. but zipping around the city on public transport is easy and affordable. Getting to and from AT&T Park is straight forward thanks to its central location. Plan ahead and consider all the transportation options available to you so make it a stress-free experience. For further details click here for transport options and the San Francisco Transport Map

What happens when you get there

Entry into the Stadium

  • On Friday, gates will open 45 minutes before the first match.  
  • On Saturday and Sunday, gates will open 1 hour before the first match. 
  • All gates will be open for entry. 
  • All guests entering AT&T Park will be screened via magnetometer and bag check.
  • Gates will remain open for first entry for the duration of the day.  

Re-entry to the Stadium

  • Re-entry to AT&T Park is permitted up until a pre-determined time for each tournament day (roughly three hours before the last match/ceremony concludes).
  • Before this cut-off time, guests may use the exit gate (located adjacent to all entry gates) to have their ticket scanned for exit.
  • To re-enter, guests will use any entry gate to have their tickets re-scanned for entry.
  • Guests will be screened via magnetometer and bag check upon each entry into the ballpark.
  • After the pre-determined cut-off time, guests exiting will not be allowed to re-enter.

Re-entry cut-offs

  • Friday July 20: 7:03 pm (19:03)
  • Saturday July 21: 5:10 pm (17:10
  • Sunday July 22: 3:02 pm (13:02)

Post a personal message

Want to give someone in the stadium a special message? For $150 you can get your 60 character message on the board directly beneath the main board for up to 10 seconds. Book here before 17 July 


Its not compulsory but why wouldn't you? #MakeYourMark and join in the fun. Show your support for your team or choose a theme with your friends. It's all about having fun and being part of the event.  Check out Rookie's social page to see if he and his friends can inspire you.

Check back here over the next few days as we will be adding more information on activities inside the stadium, what to see at a rugby event, how you can get closer to the action, where to buy your team shirt and lots more.