For Americans, having Rugby World Cup Sevens come to our country, especially fresh off of an Olympic year, couldn’t be better timing. 

The Olympics was an amazing experience. It is the pinnacle of sports. The best in the world come to compete and you are challenged at a whole new level. 

I think it not only rekindled that child-like excitement about playing, but it has sparked the interest of the fans, especially in the United States. 

We really have built a foundation for the sport to grow and to bring the World Cup here in 2018 is the next best step. It gives us players the next big event to work towards, and the fans something to look forward to and build excitement around.  

Our home event

There’s nothing like playing a test match or tournament in your home country. To have your family and friends and loved ones in the seats cheering you on is something very special. To have those same people show up to an Olympic or World Cup match is that much better. 

The only thing that tops all of that would be to have the World Cup come to you in a country that is not known for rugby, let alone the city that's five miles from where you grew up. 

Never have we had a rugby event like this in the States so it’s something that people will not soon forget. 


Having gone to Rugby World Cup 2015 in England and the 2016 Rio Olympics, I know firsthand how great a city San Francisco will be as host city. 

It is one of the bigger hotbeds for the game in the United States. 

Not only do we have the rugby background, but historically have the best fans in sports; from the San Francisco Giants to the Golden State Warriors and San Jose Earthquakes, there is no other city in the country with a better fan base. 

Inspiring children to play rugby

Getting those same people into the seats for a World Cup and seeing the excitement that we all know and love will help us spread the game. 
I can’t wait to look up into the stands and not only see my friends and family but to see all of the kids finding the same love for the game that I have. 

I want to inspire those children to play just like my older brothers did for me. 

There are so many things to love about rugby. Rugby teaches a safe tackle technique. It is a non-stop, fast-paced game that allows for contact as well as open-field stepping. 

You have a little bit of everything; the best parts of other sports put into the one game of rugby. 

I can’t wait for the youth of America to find the same passion that I have for rugby and one day go to a World Cup.

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