RWC Sevens: Day two reaction

(IRB.COM) Saturday 29 June 2013  
 RWC Sevens: Day two reaction
Kenya players dance to celebrate scoring the try that made them the first time into the men's Cup quarter-finals - Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima

We bring you all the reaction from day two of Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013 in Moscow.


Mike Friday, Kenya coach, on being the first side through to the Cup quarters: "I am relieved, credit to my boys. They have gone out there and performed. They put in three professional performances, none more so than against Samoa who are the most experienced team here, full of stars. This gives us an opportunity now to come back tomorrow in the quarter finals. The boys can now relax a little earlier, get the recovery right and they can smile, which is important to have that mental relief which the earlier you can get it the better. I am really proud of them."

Luke Morahan, Australia:
"A bit disappointed to have the draw, we switched off a little bit in the second half. We played pretty well in the first two games but just let us down a little bit at the end. It is good to get through, hopefully we get through the quarters tomorrow and get Lewis (Holland) back, he is really good for us. It is pretty hot here, but we are used to that in Australia and we have experience in heat like this."

Ben Ryan, England coach: "You can see in our preparation it is very different to the World Series. They are desperate to try and emulate the guys that were their heroes 20 years ago. It means a huge amount. There is a lot of legacy and the guys have to make sure they do the shirt proud tomorrow."

Adam Thomas, Wales captain: “The first two games were all about points difference but we went into that game (against Fiji) knowing we had to get the win but that was a performance we knew we had in us. If we show that sort of consistency tomorrow anything can happen."

Paul Treu, South Africa coach:
“The players know tomorrow will be the most important day of the tournament and will leave nothing out there. We have been very impressive on attack and the way we defended resulted in our try-line hardly being under threat. We will be tested on Sunday and then we need to respond like this again. It was a great team effort and the way the guys came out there knowing we needed to win the last game to qualify. Not to concede a point takes character. This is a World Cup and if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. They’re (Fiji) a great Sevens nation and are known as one of the best teams in the world but there is no better time for us to put them away.”

Vasily Artemyev, Russia: "Positive energy for tomorrow. We dug deep in the second half to come back into it. Respect to the crowd, we got the 12 points back, but unfortunately we didn't get the win for them, but we will take it all tomorrow and come from minute one and put pressure the other team."

Sir Gordon Tietjens, New Zealand head coach: "Not satisfied in that particular game, we played pretty average and am really disappointed this morning. It is stifling hot, the ball is slipping around, but it is the same for all the teams. We weren't accurate and credit to Georgia, they played well, nothing to lose and they gave it all today."

Dan Norton, England Sevens:
"It is pretty amazing. Russia have put on an amazing tournament, and it has been an amazing two days for us. In our pool we know how tough it would be, but if we are on the money hopefully we can get the win."

Pedro Leal, Portugal, speaking after perhaps the biggest shock of the men's tournament: "It feels great, we are pleased for the win, and I think it is our first win against Argentina, and in the World Cup it is special. We have one game to play and we have to beat Hong Kong for a chance to qualify. It won't be easy but they are a top team. We have to play with rhythm, but the most important thing is the win." 

Anastasiia Mukhariamova, Russia captain
: "It was indeed a very decisive match, we focus on every game as if it will be our last game but entering this game we always knew France was in a very good position and if we lose to England we are out. The crowd was unbelievable, it was really fantastic support, we felt it every inch of the field, they were pushing us forward and we would really like to play in front of our home crowd all the time because it is incredible. It is a great tournament for us to beat England, they are the founders of rugby. The draw against France, it motivated us, we needed to prove we could do it."

Tiana Penitani, Australia teenager who scored six tries on day one:
"It was crucial, everyone wants to win their three pool games because it puts you in a better position for the second day which will obviously be the hardest day. We have worked really hard and we are very confident in ourselves. I guess it was non-negotiable for us. The only pressure we have is the pressure we put on ourselves, we are very proud of the 2009 team but we have only got one new player from that team, it is a different team and we are proud to have a shot at this opportunity."

Michaela Staniford, England captain: "I don't think anyone comes in to a World Cup hoping to lose. They (Russia) were better on the day of the match, simple as that, lots to work on, they were a very good side so they deserved to beat us there and then. You have got to beat the best teams to win, you can ask for an easy route but ultimately tough games along the way are only going to make you play better. You have got to beat the best to be the best."

Kayla McAlister, New Zealand: "There is a great buzz about the squad and it’s great to get the three wins. We’ve worked hard on our defence so to concede just one [try on day one] was great. Tonight is about resting up and recovery and looking ahead and getting ready for tomorrow. We had to be a bit louder in the main stadium but it was great to play here. We feel pretty good playing in this weather and it has suited us."

Ghislaine Landry, Canada: “The first two games today were good. We worked on our process and the wins came. In the last game against New Zealand we forgot about them a bit. We knew we were in a tough pool but you have to beat the best to be the best so we go onto tomorrow and aim to get better. We will look at some game film tonight and get back to basics.”

Victoria Folayan, USA: “We are feeling pretty good. We know we started the day slow but we got better as we went on. Tomorrow with Ireland we just need to focus on playing our game. It’s a positive to go unbeaten but these are two day tournaments so it doesn’t really matter. We had a long break between games today so though it’s hot here we have been able to refuel and relax and refocus.”

Christelle Le Duff, France:
“We knew we needed to get a good result against Russia to try and get to the quarter-finals. I wasn’t nervous taking the kick – I knew we needed to get it and I just needed to concentrate. There was a lot of noise in the crowd and there was pressure from the fans but it was ok! It would be incredibly positive for us if we could get to the last eight but we need to wait on another result. It is going to be really tough from here on. We are unpredictable and we will see what happens!”

Claire Molloy, Ireland captain: “We were happy with the two wins. We started well against South Africa despite going down to an early try. Australia were just fantastic. We didn’t have enough space and they got ground and got behind us. It was great to get the win against China in the main stadium and we are delighted to finish off with a win. It would be amazing to be in the top eight – it is what are aiming for and what we are here for. We want to be playing in the top competitions.”

Hongjun Zheng, China coach: "We have a very young team and we will get better. We improved throughout the day. Many of our players are making their debuts for us and tomorrow we hope they will have learned from the losses today and improve again further."

Chris Neill, Brazil coach: "I am delighted to beat Fiji. I thought we should have beaten USA earlier and that was disappointing so great to end the day with a win. We thought Fiji would tire and they did. We are not here to make up numbers and if you put heart and soul into it you can beat anyone. We played some good rugby today. We have a bit of a mental block with Spain and we lost there – we need to change that. But we are looking forward to tomorrow. We have our own gold medal target."

Gareth Gilbert, Netherlands head coach:
“We are very disappointed but we knew this pool was difficult. New Zealand I thought were outstanding but 41-0 is not acceptable for us. We were chasing shadows at the end.”

John Tait, Canada coach: "I am pretty happy with that. You are always nervous in game one and that was one of the bigger games for us so it was great to get the win and now we can built some momentum. We got into a rhythm, Netherlands were physical they made a hard game with it. I am relieved."

Timoci Wainiqolo, Fiji coach, on opening 14-14 draw with Spain: “It was our first game and our first ever World Cup game. We prepared late but we are doing what we can with this team.  The team did really well. Every game is our final. It’s our first World Cup and we want to get into the top eight. We believe we can achieve something special. That’s why we are here.” 

Michaela Staniford, England captain: “It’s great to get the first win under our belts. We were not going to hit the ground doing everything we wanted to and we did some good things out there. It’s really warm – there is constant sweating and the ball is a big greasy but it’s the same for everyone. We will debrief now and put it to bed and then as usual get ready for the next one.” 

Kimber Rozier, USA, after opening win over Brazil: “It was a tough game and we knew the first game would be hard. Brazil gave us a great fight. It is super-hot out there and the humidity is hard to deal with. We train in California though as we should be used to it! We are really glad to come out with that win and now we can focus on the next game.”