RWC Sevens: Final day reaction

(IRB.COM) Sunday 30 June 2013  
 RWC Sevens: Final day reaction
Dan Norton slides through the water in England's semi-final win over Kenya - Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima

We bring you all the reaction from the final day of Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013 in Moscow.


Cup winners, New Zealand coach Gordon Tietjens: "It is awesome, a long time between drinks since 2001. We started slowly but we got that buzz going today. We talked about this buzz and we adapted to the conditions well, and the game plan was executed so well. It was an awesome performance. I am in a bit of disbelief really, we won the World Series and have backed it up here which we haven't won since 2001. A lot of pressure on one tournament, but to get up the way we did, was great."

Cup winners, New Zealand captain DJ Forbes: "I am so proud, a special moment, especially for me being injured this year and to come back and do this, at a World Cup with his pressure, this is really special. The conditions were hard, we thought we were playing cricket for a minute, getting rained out in the semis. But they were tough, we stuck to our guns though and came out with the win. This is huge, for some of us the last World Cup we play. In terms of ticking boxes I have done almost all of it, except the Olympics, but I have had a good career and this is a special team to be part of."

Plate winners, Canada head coach Geraint John: "I think when you look at the only game we lost, to New Zealand and they are in the final, it's been pleasing. The guys they enjoy playing in the shirt and you could see that today, their commitment and attitude is fantastic and to finish ninth is great. We're pleased, we'll have a break and we look forward to next year."

Bowl winners, Vasily Artemyev of Russia: "It is amazing for us to get some silverware on home soil, it is the first time such a rugby tournament took place in Moscow. I hope it is a sign of things to come as well and it is a great thing to be up there and to be greeted by your own fans, hopefully we have done enough on day three to redeeem ourselves in the eyes of our fans, show that we can play rugby. We are nearly there, we will be there soon and there are loads of us to come in the future."

Michael Letts, Philippines captain: "To get here in the first place was amazing. Each game I thought we got better and better. We didn't deserve to lose by that much against Japan, but a few silly mistakes and that's what happens against a good side, a disappointing finish.  Hopefully this exposes us a little more though and in four years time we'll be here again."

England head coach, Ben Ryan, after narrow win against Australia: "They made me sweat. Great start, perfect. Second half, fair play to Australia they were great and put is on the back foot. You can see in Sevens, there was a real shift there, and we just needed to hang on. Luckily we just about did enough and we are in the semis. This is international Sevens Rugby. Australia have international players in their team and they won't lie down for anyone, they are a top team."

Commentator Scott Hastings: "Willy Ambaka is as special as a Fabergé egg."

Paul Treu, South Africa coach after Cup quarter-final loss to Fiji: "It is another disappointing World Cup for us. The guys left everything out there, they played with their hearts. It is a pity we couldn't do it for South Africa and Madiba, that is why we wanted to win this tournament, but it wasn't meant to be. But I have a lot of respect for these players and this will be a great learning opportunity for them and just to take it into their careers and this Sevens team can dominate for many years to come."

Lee Williams, after defending champions Wales were knocked out by New Zealand: "It wasn't meant to be, a lot of errors came into our game today same as the two yesterday. Utterly disappointing that game was there for us, but errors cost us. We will take a lot from it though. It's been an up and down season, highs like Hong Kong, and hoping to repeat our success of four years ago but it wasn't meant to be. Considering our team four years ago, our squad this time is much more experience. We felt if we played our best we could retain the title but it wasn't mean to be."


Cup winners, New Zealand captain Huriana Manuel:
“It feels amazing to be world champions. We have worked so hard for each other and we left it all out there on the field. I am so proud. The weather conditions were hard but we expected to have to be able to cope with it. We have something special in our team. It is more than rugby – we play for each other and that is all that matters. If we do that everything else flows.  We are sisters and we love playing for each other. We expected a really hard game from Canada and that’s what they gave us.”

Cup winners, New Zealand's
Portia Woodman, top try scorer at RWC Sevens 2013: "It is amazing. It can’t explain it. A year ago I never thought I would be here. It’s great to score tries but I didn’t even notice how many. That is my job. The forwards get me the ball and it is my job to finish it. Canada gave us a great game and they are a great team.  We have worked really hard on our defence and we have played in this kind of weather so it was no problem. Canada threw stuff at us that we never expected but we coped really well and it’s amazing.”

Jen Kish, Canada captain, runners-up:
“It is the first time any Canadian side has raached a final. I am so proud of my team – we gave it everything. It shows how much rugby is growing in our country. We would not be considered a rugby nation and now we are because we compete with the other big rugby nations. We had no easy games today and every game felt like a final. New Zealand capitalised on our mistakes. They are a world class team. Next year we are going to centralise again for our Sevens programme but we have to look ahead to the World Cup in 2014. The Sevens progress is so exciting with the teams developing so brilliantly. Look at Fiji this weekend, they are beating top teams. Spain are up there too, so are Russia and Ireland are getting really good. We all want to be part of that.”

Third place play-off winners USA, captain Vanesha McGee:
“We are really excited. We wanted to be in the final but third place feels really good. We play in rain sometimes from other tournaments but it was very slippery and the ball was pretty loose. Third place is huge for us. We are building for Rio and hopefully this will give us a good platform for that.”

Plate winners Australia, coach Chris Lane:
"The tournament has been a huge success for women's rugby that's for sure. Obviously disappointing to be taking the Plate home instead of the Cup but that is the way it goes. We have got a young squad here and we will be a lot better for these experiences."

Bowl winners Fiji, coach Timoci Wainiqilo:
“I am really proud for all of our girls. They showed real power and we know the weather was tough but we dug in. We played with a lot of hunger and we are going to get better. We only have a small number of clubs in Fiji and we are working on that. We would love to play more tournaments and we look forward to that.”

Ric Suggitt, USA head coach after semi-final loss to New Zealand:
“The girls showed their courage and I am really proud of them. New Zealand are a team to beat, they are incredibly skilled so credit to them. We lost a bit of our composure early on but in the second half we took it to them. We will go home and rest up – they will get three weeks off to recover and we will start to build for what is going to be a fantastic season next year that the IRB are putting together for us.”

Marina Bravo, Spain captain: “Getting to the semi finals was a big achievement. We felt we could beat Canada but we made too many errors and we couldn’t get the score we needed. There are a lot of positives for us. We are really excited to be in the World Series next season and I am so proud of my team for all of the effort they gave. Beating Australia in the final play was a great result for us and we never give up.”

Jon Skurr, Ireland coach, after quarter-final loss to USA: “The girls were feeling it today. We have had a lot of injuries and we missed a few girls but our fight and determination and commitment has been amazing. We have so much potential. We have got a long route ahead of us and we have learned a lot of lessons. We are confident that we will get better.  I want to thank the girls who are not here as well and the contribution they gave all season long.”

Keiko Asami, Japan coach: “We have trained really hard and we have worked really hard to be here. Our aim here was to be competitive and I am proud of the team. We struggled to win matches but we never gave up and we learned a lot. We have the Asian series to look ahead to now and we will keep improving.”

Julia Sarda, Brazil captain: “I believe we showed that Brazil were here to compete. We played a tough match against USA we made it hard for them and we scored against Spain and played with our heart against Fiji. Against China today, one error lost it – this is Sevens. Brazil have shown that we are not just good in South America, we can play around the world. We had new coaches for the past six weeks and we showed how much we improved. We have a lot to look forward to.”

Saoussen Dellagi, Tunisia's only try scorer at RWC Sevens 2013: “It was a great occasion to score a try and I am very happy. Next time we want to represent our country better and do better but we have learned a lot. We want to have a chance to compete at the Olympics and come back to the next World Cup. It was great to play against the bigger teams – it is our first time doing that and it was difficult.”

Barry Maddocks, England coach, on losing to New Zealand:
"We are really disappointed. The reality is you have to put your hand up sometimes and say when a better side turns up you have to give credit to them. We were looking for a performance and we haven’t done it this weekend. That is the most disappointing thing for us – we saved our least most impressive performances for the wrong weekend. We have to pick ourselves up now and move on. We have two games left to play and we need to give it our all for those.”